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Auctions are by far the fastest growing segment of the Real Estate market, accounting for over $20 billion in sales nationwide in 2006. No longer is the auction just a last resort for distressed properties or foreclosures. More sellers are seeing public auctions as a great way to market all types of Real Estate.

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Why Try an Auction?

AUCTIONS Can bring at or above fair market prices for your property…through competitive bidding, increased sense of urgency to buy, and increased attention focused on your property.

AUCTIONS Mean more committed buyers…Buyers come to the auction prepared to act, with their financing in order and their time for inspections already satisfied.

AUCTIONS focus exclusively on your property in order to get it sold in a definite time frame, with more certainty for the sellers and more control over seller expenses.

AUCTIONS mean the buyer/seller negotiations are eliminated. Buyers set the sale price through fair & open bidding in an upward direction, not by negotiating downward from a list price