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When choosing a Real Estate Professional, I understand that two of the most important things to buyers and sellers is honesty and integrity.  These are values I highly cherish as well.  I believe that in order for a situation to be resolved quickly if and when a problem arises, is to be honest with all necessary parties and to work diligently to come up with a fair and equitable solution for all.

Before becoming a licensed agent, I worked behind the scenes on real estate transactions for a few years.  It has been an invaluable experience that gives me an edge on fully understanding the purchase process.  I will work hard to see the transaction all the way through the many stages of the process that leads to the closing table.

I pledge to my clients that I will be responsive.  I understand that nothing could feel worse than feeling like you’ve been lost in the shuffle.  I’ve learned important time management skills that includes setting time as side several times a day dedicated to responding to calls, texts and emails so you never have to feel forgotten.

Knowledge of the real estate market is a must!  The market changes frequently and so it is my duty to understand those changes and to quickly communicate them to my clients and to adapt to them accordingly. 

Communication with your real estate agent is critical. You want to have your goals and needs understood, and you want to understand the advice and knowledge that your agent is sharing with you.  It’s not all about what I can tell you, it is also about how I will listen to you.  I will hear what you are telling me so that I can meet the challenge of fulfilling your goals and dreams.

Finally, I’ve taken an oath to always work in the best interest of my clients, not myself. I promise I will be persistent, and tough, if need be, while negotiating on your behalf.  If you win, I win!

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